Doris Smothers
1303 Doris Smothers (Lindsey Connell)
Actor Lindsey Connell
Seen Forever Young
Gender Female
Status Living

Doris Smothers is the stepmother of murder victim Polly Townsend introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Lindsey Connell.

Appearances and Mentions

Forever Young

  • Doris Smothers was married to Jack Townsend who had died last April. She has remarried since to lawyer Bertie Smothers and lives down the street from Hamish Slorach.
  • After being arrested with her current husband, Doris Smothers' finally confesses in a private interview:
  • Jack Townsend was so desperate to save his daughter Polly; He would have tried anything. Jack noticed that sunlight killed germs, if exposed long enough, but her germs were inside her body unreachable by the sun. Then, one day Jack discovered that some new ray was discovered that went right through the body. X-rays and the Roentgen machine. Doris wanted nothing to do with it and thought he was crazy, but Polly was willing. Instead of curing her it killed her.
  • Jack Townsend couldn't accept it. He wanted to cure Polly of death itself by placing her in a sealed glass container, "...lying there like she was Sleeping Beauty".
  • Doris Smothers didn't know what to do with Polly's body so she consulted a lawyer, Mr. Smothers. Bertie Smothers saw Polly with all her pumps and her tubes, "He said we'd be millionaires". It was all Bertie's idea – all of it.



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