Donna Chambers
1307 Donna Chambers (Nicole Stamp)
Actor Donna Chambers
Seen Toronto the Bad
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Cartomancer
Donna Chambers is a fortune-teller introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Nicole Stamp.

Appearances and Mentions

Toronto the Bad

  • Donna Chambers is one of the passengers sharing Higgins' cab along with Bill Buckles the night he was murdered. She claims, in her Caribbean English, not to know nothing about that.
  • Donna Chambers reads Tarot cards, providing "guidance based on my interpreted readings of the cards, Inspector. Is no different than talking to a priest". Digby Pears had been a long standing client of hers as he always wanted an edge on his next big wager.
  • Digby came to her apartment, completely frantic. She gave him the money and he left. Moments later, Donna heard shouting out in the hallway; When she opened the door, he was stumbling out into the street. Blood everywhere. She tried to help, "But you know I was barely out the door when that bizarre little taxicab driver tell me I am under arrest." Higgins.
  • In the Interview Room with Murdoch and the Inspector, who remind her that she was apprehended leaving the scene of a murder, covered in the victims' blood, "Not to mention the stack of blood-soaked spondulicks you were carrying," she continues to explain that Digby must have dropped the money when he was stabbed, so she stopped and picked it up, "You know, if I had left this money in that part of town, it would have been gone in thirty seconds."  A fortune teller with a heart of gold?
  • Murdoch confides in the Inspector that he is not convinced she is their killer.



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