Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association
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Character Dr. Julia Ogden
Dr. Emily Grace
Dr. Stowe-Gullen

The Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association (DWEA) was an organization founded by Dr. Emily Howard Stowe in 1889 to fight for the right of women to vote. She was succeeded by her daughter Dr. Augusta Stowe-Gullen as President of the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association in 1903.

Despite their efforts, the DWEA was not successful in advancing the cause of women's suffrage in Canada at either the Federal or Provincial levels. No bills were introduced between 1893 and 1910 for women's votes, and the conservative National Council of Women of Canada would not give support until 1910.

Unlike the flamboyance and occasional violence of British, French and American suffrage campaigns, Canada's was peaceable and urbane and with humour, reason and quiet persistence– very much in keeping with the Murdoch Mysteries' women, Dr. Julia Ogden and Dr. Emily Grace.

Appearances and Mentions

On the Waterfront Part 1

  • Women's Enfranchisement is first mentioned by Margaret Haile when she asks Dr. Ogden to join the Suffragette Society.

Nolo Contendere 

  • Mark Twain accepts Ogden’s invitation to address the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association, even though his life is under threat following a speaking engagement at the Empire Club of Canada.



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