Digby Pears
1307 Digby Pears (Chris Wilson)
Actor Jason Blicker
Seen Toronto the Bad
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Gambler
Digby Pears is a gambler introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jason Blicker.

Appearances and Mentions

Toronto the Bad

  • Digby Pears is called to the Station House for an interview with Murdoch and the Inspector after David Dillinger reveals that Pears was the mark in a swindle executed by Dillinger and Buckles just hours before the latter was discovered murdered.
  • Digby Pears still can't believe he lost all the winnings from the tracks at the MacRury's Billiard Hall. He informs the Detective that he went straight home after the game and his wife can corroborate this. He admits to being angry and embarrassed – he's learned to lose, comes with the territory – "Ask my wife"; He did not hire anyone to kill Buckles.
  • Later, Digby Pears stumbles out of Donna Chambers' (apartment) building stabbed to death – becoming victim number two.



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