Diane Friday the 13th.png
Actor Brittany Johnson
Seen Friday the 13th, 1901
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Julia Ogden, Emily Grace, Lavinda, Jo, friends

Diane was a young woman who was murdered second on the island in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Brittany Johnson.

Appearances and Mentions

Friday the 13th, 1901

  • During the toasts, it is revealed that she dated Cedric at one point before Lavinda, but insisted it was in the past, though snippy Jo tried to provoke her.
  • Diane first seems to be a bit skittish due to the spooky atmosphere of the place. After Lavinda's death she's even more spooked.
  • After Rose kills her, she puts her in a chair and drags her into the forest. Her body is recovered by the police and then assumed to be removed for proper burial.


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