Detective Glenn Scott
1306 Detective Glenn Scott (Wade Bogert-O'Brien).png
Actor Wade Bogert-O'Brien
Seen The Philately Fatality
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Police Officer

Detective Glenn Scott is introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Wade Bogert-O'Brien.

Appearances and Mentions

The Philately Fatality

  • Following a men-only party, the host Owen Paxton is found murdered upstairs. The following day, a neighbour of the late Owen Paxton calls Station House Four to report that someone has entered his home. Detective Murdoch and Special Constable Robert Parker follow up on this call, and discover Detective Glenn Scott just leaving the residence with something in his hand.
  • Scott and the victim were close - good friends, he claims. Brackenreid demands him give the names of the others at the party, but Scott can't say he recalls names. He knows what happens next: men will lose their jobs, their reputations. Detective Watts and Murdoch reassure that they will tread lightly.
  • Glenn Scott asks if he will be released after the interview. He is on a case and cannot afford to lose his job. "You were caught breaking, entering, and stealing from a dead man's house," Inspector Brackenreid sneers. Scott shuts down, and is tossed in the cells. Watts attempts to talk to him alone, but even though they are much more soft-spoken to each other, the results do not differ.
  • Once Detective Scott is relieved of suspicion, he inquires if Station House Four could keep his visit under their hat. While Detective Murdoch and Watts are inclined to agree, the Inspector is not as receptive to the idea. "Keeping you out of the public record is one thing. Lying to your Inspector is another thing entirely." While it doesn't affect his work first-hand, it opens him up to blackmail. They could all lose their jobs if it got out.
  • In the end, Detective Glenn Scott turns in his badge.



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