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Detective Edwards is from Station House No. 1 introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Ben Sanders.

Appearances and Mentions

Things Left Behind

  • Detective Edwards is leading an investigation into the robbery of a wealthy collector's painting. Edwards walks in and introduces himself as the new man at Station House One. He explains that he's been leading an investigation of his own, and that his and Watts' cases may be connected. Watts offers to compare notes, but Edwards needs more than that. He's been on the job three weeks and still hasn't solved a case. In the end, Watts agrees to work with him.
  • Another MacAuley painting is stolen, this time from another home. Watts finds a hair comb and speculates the thief could be a woman. 
  • Later, Watts and Jack are meeting in a bar when Edwards drops by and asks to join them. "I'd assume you would," Watts says, inviting him to pull up a chair.
  • The next day, Edwards and Watts interview Aldous Germaine. Germaine is not aware of any MacAuley's that have gone up for sale recently. Edwards, a widower, inquires if the painter had any women in his life. Germaine doesn't know, but will ask around.
  • Germaine ends up becoming very helpful, having spotted a stolen MacAuley up for sale in an auction. The woman selling it is one Stella Davenport. As the two detectives head off to question Ms. Davenport, Edwards offers some information regarding Jack Walker. "He was picked up by our station house a few years ago for suspicious homosexual behaviour." While there were no charges, Edwards advises Watts to steer clear of the man. Watts says he'll keep it in mind, but clearly has no intention of doing so.
  • Detectives Edwards and Watts encounter Stella Davenport and begin to question her. She tells them they don't understand - t he paintings belong to her and Philipe. "Philipe MacAuley?" Watts asks. "But he's dead."
  • As a matter-of-fact, MacAuley is still very much alive, much to the detectives' shock.

The Future is Unwritten

  • With the revelation that MacAuley is alive, Edwards and Watts go to take the paintings back from the collectors, as they no longer belong to them. The collectors resist, but the threat of court quietens them.
  • Edwards finds Watts and Jack Walker are enjoying each other's company at a bar again, neither man notices him. He leaves without confrontation, but isn't about to drop it that easily.
  • The next day, Watts produces a bottle of fine wine to celebrate Edwards' first case solved, but Edwards doesn't want it. "You don't like wine?" Watts asks. Edwards clarifies: "I don't like your kind." He then smashes the bottle of wine on the station house floor and informs Watts that his "friend" from last night is sitting in the cells at Station House One. Watts moves to strike him, but Edwards walks away.
  • The Inspector, after having time to contemplate things, ends up releasing Jack. Edwards storms into his office and demands to know why. Brackenreid tells him to drop the subject if he wants to keep his job. Reluctantly, Edwards leaves. "Knock next time," Brackenreid informs him coldly. 


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