Detective Babcock
1307 Detective Babcock (Jameson Kraemer)
Actor Jameson Kraemer
Seen Toronto the Bad
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Job Police officer
Detective Babcock is a police officer from Station House One introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jameson Kraemer.

Appearances and Mentions

Toronto the Bad

  • Inspector Brackenreid sends the Station House's Sergeant to Station House One to ask for Detective Babcock who had handled the Wendel MacRury murder case. 
  • Detective Babcock recognizes Detective Murdoch from the newspapers upon his arrival. He informs the Detective and Inspector that no one at MacRury's would go on the record. Babcock took names, but he remarks that it was typical Toronto –everyone out for themselves, "They didn't want the inconvenience of being a witness." Without witnesses coming forward, the case went cold.
  • Detective Babcock heard the owner, MacRury, was a gambler and suggests he may have owed money. He offers his notes, as requested. He asks if they have any leads and is told that they have a suspect in custody - Frank RizzoBabcock apologizes for throwing a wrench into their case but Rizzo was in Station House No. 1's jail for drunk and disorderly – two days ago when Pears (among others) were killed. He knows because he put him there himself.
  • Later, Detective Babcock returns to Station House No. 4, anxious to hear the details of the capture and arrest of the sequential murderer, avenging the murder of Mr. MacRury.
  • Detective Babcock wouldn't have thought Lucille Anderson had it in her – but she maintains she doesn't know who killed MacRury, only confessing to the other four murders. Then, Murdoch has a question for him, "She insists she gave you a statement on the night of the murder, and yet it wasn't included in your notes." It was a chaotic crime scene then and he doesn't believe he did...The, Lucille calls out to him from the Station's bullpen. Murdoch asks, "How does she know your first name?"
  • Detective Babcock is caught in his lies and denials for he had been extorting Wendel MacRury and when MacRury refused to pay him anymore, he murdered Wendel. Then, he scared the witnesses into silence, but when Babcock thought they might not keep his little secret, he had Lucille eliminate them – promising her protection. The corrupt copper pulls out his gun, "...Not a chance in hell I'm going to prison. I'm walking out of here". In the ensuing fight, the gun drops to the floor before Paul Babcock is arrested for the extortion and murder of...Lucille Anderson shoots Paul in the chest, "Tell the devil I'm right behind you."


  • Recasted actor Jameson Kraemer first played the Railway Boss in Glory Days.


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