Deborah Grover is a Canadian stage and screen actress, best known for playing Prosecutor Elaine Jeffers on the television series Night Heat.

Deborah Grover was raised in Ottawa and studied theatre at Ryerson in Toronto and at the Banff School of Fine Arts. She has performed in theatres across the country including Theatre New Brunswick, Canadian Stage, Théatre Français de Toronto, Theatre Aquarius, The Grand Theatre, Sudbury Theatre Centre, Manitoba Theatre Centre and Prairie Theatre Exchange. She played the role of Prosecutor Elaine Jeffers in 77 episodes of Night Heat between 1985 and 1989.

Other Credits include: Business Ethics (2017), The Perfect Soulmate (TV-2017), Sometimes the Good Kill (TV-2017), A Nutcracker Christmas (TV-2016), Mommy’s Little Girl (TV-2016), Regression (2015), Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery (TV-2013), Reviving Ophelia (TV-2010), and Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (TV-2008) along with guest appearances in The Kennedys (2011, mini-series) and Reign (2014)

She has been nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series in 2017 and the ACTRA Toronto Award in 2006.


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