David Kingsley
Study in sherlock 02
Actor Andrew Gower
Seen A Study in Sherlock
Return of Sherlock Holmes
Gender Male
Status Alive
Job Private detective
David Kingsley is a young man under the delusion that he is Sherlock Holmes due to childhood trauma, introdced in Season 6 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Andrew Gower.

Appearances and Mentions

A Study in Sherlock

  • When David Kingsley was young, his stepfather used to read him Sherlock Holmes novels. His stepfather disguised the location of the Star of Tehran within a Sherlock Holmes story. Witnessing his stepfather's murder, David was so traumatized he took on the person of Sherlock Holmes. After being sent to live with his aunt and uncle, his delusion caused them to institutionalize him, and David was transferred to the care of Dr. Roberts.
  • Back in the present, David sabotages a robbery and introduced himself to Murdoch and Crabtree as Sherlock Holmes. He aids Murdoch in the investigation, but refuses to come out of his Sherlock Holmes persona, even when faced with creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Murdoch is able to coax David back to himself, but as the police go to recover the diamond, David is about to shoot the thieves for the murder of his stepfather. Murdoch is forced to convince David he's Sherlock to save the thieves' lives, and David becomes Sherlock once again.
  • He is sent to the asylum to be further studied once more, but escapes and heads to his childhood home, where he finds the Star of Tehran in a creek. After giving the diamond to Murdoch, David continues on his journey, believing that he is Sherlock Holmes.

Return of Sherlock Holmes

  • David has established a detective agency in Toronto. Still convinced he's Sherlock Holmes, David has solved a few paltry mysteries, but becomes drawn into an investigation with Murdoch about a child's missing guardian. David becomes close to the child, Ben McQueen (possibly seeing similarities to himself) and helps solve the mystery.


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