Daphne Linney
1100 Daphne Linney
Actor Kate Hewlett
Seen Home for the Holidays
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Jasper Linney, husband
Rudolphina Linney, daughter
Georgina Linney, daughter
William Murdoch, brother-in-law
Julia Ogden, sister-in-law
Harry Murdoch, father-in-law
Lucinda Linney, mother-in-law
Job Wife and Mother
Daphne Linney is the wife of Jasper Linney introduced in Season 11's Christmas Special of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Kate Hewlett.

Early Years

Daphne was at university when she and Jasper Linney first met. She left university to start their family. For some years when Jasper was assigned to Canada's remote territories, Daphne had no one to talk to save their children.

The Linneys' home is in Victoria, British Columbia.

Appearances and Mentions

Home for the Holidays

  • This Christmas Daphne and Jasper welcome William and Julia to their home, introducing them to their two spirited daughters Rudolphina and Georgina.
  • Daphne Linney is taken aback when she first meets Dr Julia Ogden who does not go by her husband's name, 'Mrs. Murdoch'.
  • Rudolphina and Georgina Linney, fascinated with Aunt Julia's job and knowledge as coroner, ask her to find out why their dog Monty died – their third dog. They learn that eating Poinsettias is the culprit.
  • When Daphne discovers their autopsy project in the back garden shed, she kicks Aunt Julia out of her home.
  • But Rudolphina and Georgina insist on visiting Aunt Julia and their demonstrative affection for their Aunt makes Daphne Linney feel jealous and threatened until Julia initiates a heart-to-heart talk. When Daphne explains to Julia that she is not stifling them but protecting them, Julia asks her, from what?
  • Daphne Linney was brighter than any child when she was in school. She had things she wanted to do, dreams - then marriage happened. While she doesn't regret her marriage to Jasper and she wants her girls to one day marry, she knows the doors will close on them too. Julia points, out that it doesn't have to.
  • Daphne confesses that Julia's success and career makes her feel worthless. Julia assures her that she is far from worthless and that deep down she knows this; Daphne and her girls can do anything – if she allows it.



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