Dan Trotta, who most recently wrote and produced on the Omni drama Blood and Water (2015-2016), joins the Murdoch Mysteries' Writers' Room for Season 11 and debuts with Dr. Osler Regrets. His other notable writer credits have been A Wife's Nightmare (2014), Jed (2013) and The High Note (2012).

Trotta was also nominated for a 2017 Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Series with his work on Blood and Water that he shared with his other producers.

A Toronto native, Trotta holds a BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in playwrighting from Concordia. After graduation, he continued to write, but eventually found himself teaching Business Communication at Fanshawe College in London, ON. When the irony of teaching a business course proved to be too thick, Dan quit and decided to pursue writing full time. His first television script, Bush League, was accepted into the National Screen Institute’s “Totally Television” Program in 2009, and shortly thereafter Trotta began providing script coverage for Muse Entertainment, as well as writing additional materials for their productions of The Kennedys and Being Human, among others.


Toronto the Bad (2019)
Pirates of the Great Lakes (2019)
Murdoch Without Borders (2018)
Free Falling with Simon McNabb and Mary Pedersen (2018)
Biffers and Blockers (2018)
Dr. Osler Regrets (2017)


The Canadian Patient (2017)
8 Footsteps (2017)
Merlot Mysteries (2017)
Up From Ashes (2017)

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