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Craig “prop monkey” Grant is Murdoch Mysteries Props Master.

The props department on the set of the TV series Murdoch Mysteries is a busy place: Property Master Craig Grant stuck a recumbent tri-cylce inside a Thule cargo carrier to create a purely fictional electric car; turned an ultra-light plane into something the Wright brothers might have flown; recreate the first fountain pens that used refillable cartridges and built an early version of a metal detector to name a few creative inventions.

Detective William Murdoch is a bit of a nerd, endlessly fascinated by the latest gadgets and rightly convinced they will revolutionize his profession. His vehicles, robots, sensors and scopes – along with many scenes in the morgue and the occasionally gritty depiction of Toronto’s streets – give the show a bit of a steampunk vibe, all created by Craig Grant and the Props and Art Department teams. 

Historical doesn’t have to mean stuffy,” said executive producer and show-runner Peter Mitchell. While the props and costume departments sweat the accuracy of every historical detail, Mitchell says the key to achieving the unstuffy feel is to shoot the action as though it were a current cop show. “It has to move like a contemporary TV show,” he said.

One of the most hardworking and tenacious people bringing life to the Murdoch world and inventions, Craig Grant has been on a crusade to help deliver healthcare workers much-needed PPE by 3D printing them around the clock during this time of the COVID-19 takeover of the 2020 hiatus.



  • Craig Grant uses a 3D printer and a Computer and Numercially Controlled machine (CNC) to help build the Murdochian inventions.
  • He has appeared in at least one episode in every season of Murdoch Mysteries.
  • While a fan of Steampunk and a nerd, he is currently making – in his down-time after Season 10 – a full size remote controlled R2D2, which he hopes to somehow get on to the show!
  • Prop Monkey live tweeted during the airing of I Know What You Did Last Autumn:"Is tonight the wrong night to mention I put myself through college as a clown at children's birthday parties".

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