Count Dagan Petrovic
1111 Count Dagan Petrovic.png
Actor Paulino Nunes
Seen Biffers and Blockers
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Con Artist

Count Dagan Petrovic (a.k.a. Stanley Palazzo) is a guest of the Mimico Newsomes and a skilled bowler on the amateur cricket team of the Athletic Sports Club, introduced in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Paulino Nunes.

Appearances and Mentions

Biffers and Blockers

  • Count Dagan Petrovic is the intended target of a murderer in a case of mistaken identity.
  • Murdoch uncovers Petrovic's true identity, Stanley Palazzo. Stanley met Ruth on the train; she was an easy mark for the con artist. His Russian war medals are from a pawnshop in Ronkonkoma, New York.



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