Constantine 'Connie' Kimberly
1203 Constantine 'Connie' Kimberly (Paul Fauteux).png
Actor Paul Fauteux
Seen My Big Fat Mimico Wedding
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Relationships Pelham 'Plum' Kimberly, son

Constantine 'Connie' Kimberly is Ruth and Rupert Newsome's uncle introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Paul Fauteux.

Appearances and Mentions

My Big Fat Mimico Wedding

  • Being responsible for the Newsome family financials, Connie forged Rupert Newsome's signature to embezzle from the family fortune to invest in a "sure" investment in San Francisco, planning on returning the lost money within a fortnight. Unfortunately, the earthquake of 1906 forced him to drain the family fortune to compensate, even mortgage the Toronto house on D'Arcy Street.
  • Unfortunately, the house was meant for Ruth upon her wedding and she was engaged to Henry Higgins. Seeking to delay the wedding until he could buy back the D'Arcy house, Connie decided to kill Higgins before he could tie the knot with Ruth.
  • Connie first attempted to kill Higgins by shooting him with a hunting rifle but Higgins survived thanks to George Crabtree gifting him a pen case that took the blow for him. Connie subsequently replaced the rifle back in the house and pretended with his son Plum that they heard nothing when Detective Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid come down to investigate.
  • During the wedding ceremony, when the priest asked if anyone in the audience would like to protest the union, Plum stood up to declare his love for Ruth, claiming that Higgins only wanted her money. Connie forcibly escorted his son from the room. While Plum was wandering the gardens, Connie took the opportunity to drop a chandelier on Higgins, but once again was inadvertently thwarted by Crabtree.
  • Connie later attempted to break into the house safe that housed Ruth's father's will
  • When Connie and Plum were questioned by Brackenreid, the latter gave his alibi and the former falsely told the Inspector that he was with his son once Plum was out of earshot.
  • Later that night, Connie made a third attempt on Higgins by attempting to decapitate him in his bed. He was interrupted by Crabtree, who inadvertently woke Higgins, causing Connie to strike the bed. Connie then fled, rushing past Rupert, who was carrying a sword for the purpose of bribing Higgins out of the wedding, and managed to avoid being identified, resulting in Rupert falling under suspicion.
  • When it later came out that the Newsomes were destitute, Rupert realized his Uncle Connie was responsible for the embezzlement and chased him to the bluffs armed with a sword. Connie confessed what he did but Rupert tried to kill him on the spot, despite Murdoch's warnings that he'd be charged with attempted murder. Higgins nearly tackled Rupert off the cliff. Murdoch then declared Connie under arrest for the thrice attempted murder of Higgins.



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