Constable Hodge
Constable Hodge
Actor Brian Kaulback
Seen A Midnight Train to Kingston
What Lies Buried
Gender Male
Status Living, released from prison
Relationships Chief Constable Giles, close friend
Job Publican
Former prisoner
Former constable

John Hodge is one of the original police officers who work at  Station House No. 4 with Constable Crabtree under Detective Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid from at least 1881 through 1902.

White-haired, bald on top with prominent sideburns, Hodge was nicknamed "Dodger" by Chief Constable Stockton. Though we rarely hear him speak, according to Murdoch,  he "always trips over his words".


Free Falling (2018)

Up From Ashes (2017)

  • Released from prison six months earlier, Hodge now owns a dockside tavern. 

What Lies Buried (2014)

  • Hodge is found to have killed Constable Finch in 1881, albeit accidentally; Chief Constable Giles helped to cover up the crime. Hodge is removed from the force and sent to prison for manslaughter. 

Kung Fu Crabtree (2014) 

A Midnight Train to Kingston (2013) 

All Tattered And Torn (2011) 

Love and Human Remains (2010)