Colin McTavish is a criminal with speciality in blackmail in Season 3 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

In the Altogether

  • McTavish's method is to have young beautiful women lure high-ranked men in compromising positions and photographed them and use the pictures to blackmail the men. In connection with the murder of his 'bait' Abigail Tungstall, Murdoch traced Abigail's movement to the apartment used for the honey-trapping. There he finds an old picture of Sally Pendrick, a former 'bait', who reveals that McTavish had been blackmailing her. Mrs. Pendrick agrees to help the police, but instead she uses the opportunity to her own gain by killing McTavish, before the police can get him, and frames her husband James Pendrick to have him in jail, gaining control of his finances.
  • Judging on the phrase 'your true nature' in the blackmail letter McTavish sent Mrs. Pendrick, it suggests that he was aware of Sally's past history as a con artist.

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