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Clarissa Watts is the sister of Llewelyn Watts, introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Elizabeth Whitmere. 

Appearances and Mentions

Hades Hath No Fury

  • After their parents died, Clarissa was charged with the care for her younger brother Llewelyn. Not wanting this burden, she ran away. The last time Watts saw his sister was when she was leaving for work at the laundry. But she didn't go to work that day and she never returned.
  • By chance, Watts and his sister meet again, fifteen years later, during the investigation of a bombing. Clarissa, now known as Athena, confesses that she got involved with a man after their parents died, Hector Coleman, who forced her to leave Llewelyn. She knew their landlady Mrs. Young would take care of him.
  • Clarissa ran away from Hector and traveled the world with Lady Greenwood as her companion. When she died five years ago, she left Clarissa everything. Hector had already died, so it was safe to return to Toronto.
  • In the five years living in Toronto, she never sought to look for her brother. She explains that Mrs. Young had died and she didn't know where to start. And then she met Artemis and found her purpose, creating a sanctuary for women. Thus, Clarissa puts her new wealth toward that purpose and she became Athena offering women like Themis and Demeter a refuge.
  • When Detective Watts is informed by Constable Jackson that Hector is very much alive, Clarissa finally tells Watts the truth. She had hoped to spare hurting him again, but since he insists,  "I left you because I did not wish to be chained into a life of servitude. I left you because I didn't want you. That's the truth."
  • At the end of the episode, Clarissa plans to move the entire household across the ocean to one of Lady Greenwood's other estates. She doesn't tell her brother exactly where.



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