Charlie Dunlap and his sister were British orphans brought to Canada and cared for by the Baker House, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jesse Bostick.

Appearances and Mentions

Child's Play

  • Charlie was separated from his sister upon arrival but manages to find her in Toronto some time later.
  • When the orphan arrived in Toronto, he began working for Rookwood & Watt Glue Factory and Tannery. Charlie and other orphaned child workers were responsible for stealing horses at night and bringing them to be rendered at the factory.
  • Polly stole small household items from the Rookwoods and gave them to Charlie. He would pawn them and have a little more money to live off.
  • Charlie is originally a suspect when Howard Rookwood is murdered. He is taken to Station House Four for questioning by Detective William Murdoch and tells the police that his sister had been sexually abused by Rookwood. Afterwards, he isn't seen, but Murdoch mentions that he and his sister are being looked after by Children's Aid for the time being.



  • In the episode credits the character is listed only as "Charlie" but his full name is given in dialogue.

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