Charlie Brackenreid
Charlie brackenreid.png
Actor Charlie Clements
Seen Toronto's Girl Problem
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Thomas Brackenreid, (uncle)
Margaret Brackenreid, (aunt)
John Brackenreid, (cousin)
Bobby Brackenreid, (cousin)
Job Constable

Charlie Brackenreid is Inspector Thomas Brackenreid's nephew, introduced in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Charlie Clements.


Toronto's Girl Problem

  • Charlie Brackenreid was asked by the Inspector to come work with the Toronto Constabulary when he had just witnessed his best friend's death in London, putting a price on his own head.
  • Charlie takes a shine to Dr. Grace and invites her to dinner at the Brackenreid's.
  • Charlie is the one who finds out about the true nature of the relations between Dr. Emily Grace and Lillian Moss.
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