Cecil Vance
1302 Cecil Vance (George Masswohl)
Actor George Masswohl
Seen Bad Pennies
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Harbourmaster

Cecil Vance is the Harbourmaster introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by George Masswohl.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Pennies

  • Cecil Vance had chewed off the Inspector's ear over the trouble down at the docks.
  • When questioned about the murder of one of his workers, Harbourmaster Cecil Vance wants to know is: What is the police going to do about the Union men grinding the docks to a halt instead. He threatens the Inspector, "Your job is to get this city moving.
    I suggest you do that instead of wasting time and energy on a dead anarchist. You and your men best do something about this or I'll have your badge
  • Cecil Vance of the Port Authority has called in the Pinkerton's to help sort his mess out – like the owners of the Pennsylvania Steel Works in Homestead, Pennsylvania, which turned into a riot.
  • At a meeting with the Mayor, Vance is again accompanied by his hired agent Lionel Armstrong and demands the police arrest the workers who won't do their jobs; Goods aren't moving and produce is rotting on the docks. Less than seven ships have left port in the last three days, "This situation is crippling the city".



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