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Cecil Fox was a man sentenced to six years hard labour for minor crimes by Judge Enoch Mead, introduced in Season 3 of Murdoch Mysteries

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  • Little did Fox know that he was wrapped up in a conspiracy surrounding Mead's murder. Mead had threatened to expose Crown Prosecutor Dillard for fixing the Michael Workentin case, resulting in an innocent man's execution. To that end, Dillard forged a note from Mead to Fox, to ensure that the latter would be spotted at the courthouse at the time of Mead's death and had prostitute Myrtle Smith seduce Fox, giving him an unreliable alibi in court as she purposely muddled up her testimony, resulting in his conviction.
  • While being weighed by the executioner, Theodore Pleasant, Fox pleaded he was innocent. Pleasant believed him, having seen the same expression in the innocent Workentin boy's face, also because the real murderer, Freddie Duckworth, had confessed to him before his hanging. Pleasant showed Fox how to give himself a tracheotomy so he could breath shallowly and hung him on a six foot rope instead of the usual eight foot so the hanging wouldn't suffocate him and break his neck, but after that he was on his own.
  • After turning up on Dr. Julia Ogden's slab and pulled the metal tube out of his windpipe, Fox regained consciousness and escaped the morgue. He first thought to turn to Myrtle but when she asked why he wasn't dead, he got cross, trying patching up his wound and left her apartment. Knowing he couldn't go to a hospital with the constabulary watching them all, he first ambushed George Crabtree while he was staking out Myrtle's place and stole his uniform. He then returned to the morgue and forced Julia to patch up his wound. While trying to take off his stolen coat, she noticed that his right arm was injured from his labouring. As Detective Murdoch and Crabtree burst into the morgue, Fox held Julia hostage but she diffused the situation, explaining that from her examination of Mead's body, the killer was right-handed but as Fox is unable to lift his right arm, he couldn't have committed the murder. Fox was then exonerated, receiving full apologies from Dillard, who was later exposed as the real murderer.


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