Catherine Doyle
1105 Catherine Doyle
Actor Sarah Orenstein
Seen Dr. Osler Regrets
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Archie Doyle, (son)

Norman Doyle, (husband, deceased)

Catherine Doyle is the wife of Norman Doyle owner of Doyle’s Footgear in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, played by Sarah Orenstein.

Appearances and Mentions

Dr. Osler Regrets

  • Mr. Doyle did not want to get out of bed so Mrs. Doyle decided that to cook his favourite breakfast. But when she returned from shopping, she found him dead, by his own hand.
  • Catherine Doyle had staged her husband’s suicide as a murder because if the church discovered the truth, they would never allow the Doyles to be buried in the same cemetery. She did what she had to so that they could be together in this life and the next.


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