Cassie Chadwick
Cassie Chadwick.PNG
Actor Wendy Crewson
Seen The Murdoch Sting
Gender Female
Status Historical
Relationships a husband (supposedly)
Job Con artist
Comments This is an article about a fictional representation of an historical character, location or other entity.

Cassie Chadwick (real name Elizabeth Bigley), aka Lucretia Worthington,  is a confidence woman and criminal introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Wendy Crewson.


Cassie Chadwick was the real life alias used by a Canadian woman to con money out of wealthy Americans by establishing herself as Andrew Carnegie's illegitimate daughter. Having performed several cons before, with varying degrees of success, she was experienced and prepared.

After marrying a Dr. Chadwick in Ohio, she began her con by pretending she had millions in promissory notes in her name. When word leaked out, numerous banks offered her their services. Cassie lived a lavish lifestyle with clothes and jewels, but soon became indebted. As a result, she was caught and forced to stand trial.

After the media circus, she was sentenced to 14 years in prison and a fine of $70,000. In prison, Cassie brought trunks full of personal items which was allowed by the warden due to her infamy. However, her health began to deteriorate until she died at the age of 50.

Appearances and Mentions

The Murdoch Sting

  • Cassie makes a dramatic entrance to the police station, announcing she has an impostor (referring to Eva Pearce, who had been going by her name). She is questioned by the police on her past, but she quickly gains their trust, claiming she lives in Cleveland and needs their help. Afterwards, the constabulary recruits Mrs. Chadwick's help in catching Eva Pearce. Mrs. Chadwick quickly declares all they need is a grieving relation, a lawyer, and a floozie.
  • Cassie plays the part of Lucretia Worthington, the sister of Eva's fiancé. Together, she and the constabulary manage to weave a trap so tightly that they catch Eva Pearce in the act of trying to dig up the body herself.
  • Cassie Chadwick bids a fond farewell to the officers, especially Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, teasing him that if they weren't both happily married, they could've had a future. Also she warns them sharply that women lie all the time, and can look right in a man's eye while doing so. Cassie Chadwick part with the men on good terms, and almost right after the officers meet Andrew Carnegie, who congratulates them on solving the case. He warns them about another impostor who is going around using the name "Cassie Chadwick," based in Cleveland, married to a respectable doctor and has been borrowing money against his name for a long time. William Murdoch and the inspector realize they've been conned, but by this time Cassie Chadwick has gotten away safely, leaving them in the dust.


  • The real name of the real-life Cassie Chadwick was Elizabeth Bigley.


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