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Carrie Nation is the guest of the Temperance League and the house guest of Margaret Brackenreid to help campaign for the Local Option and a 'dry' Toronto, introduced in Season 9 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Valerie Buhagiar.


Carrie Amelia Moore Nation (first name also spelled Carry; 1846 – 1911) was an American woman who was a radical member of the Temperance Movement which opposed alcohol before the advent of Prohibition. She is particularly noteworthy for attacking alcohol-serving establishments (most often taverns) with a hatchet.

On the other hand, Nation refused to wear a corset and urged women not to wear them because of their harmful effects on females' vital organs.

Appearances and Mentions

The Local Option

  • Margaret Brackenreid has invited Carrie Nation to stay at the Brackenreid home during her temperance campaign in Toronto. She leads a rally into the Peacock Hotel Tavern, where she incites a riot, before Inspector Brackenreid arrests them all. Though Brackenreid is content to let Carrie languish in the cells, Margaret reminds him that she's still their house guest, so he releases her.
  • Later, while having dinner, Brackenreid comes in showing Margaret and Carrie that he found the hidden bottle of scotch and accuses both of them of partaking of the bottle, which greatly offends the latter. A drunken John then stumbles into the dining room. Embarrassed, Margaret escorts Carrie to her room (Bobby's room), the latter stating both her husband and son should both receive an ax to the back.


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