Caroline Hill
718 Caroline Hill
Actor Diana Leblanc
Seen The Death of Dr. Ogden
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationships Dr. Lionel Ogden, first love
Unnamed dead husband
Caroline Hill was a new neighbour to Dr. Ogden's area, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Diana Leblanc.

Appearances and Mentions

The Death of Dr. Ogden

  • After being given vague descriptions of Mrs. Hill by other neighbours, Julia Ogden is confused to why her father's will benefited her. Acting on suspicions that her father's death wasn't natural, she invites Caroline over for tea, but finds out nothing.
  • After performing an autopsy on her own father, Julia and Murdoch discover a small injection point on his foot.
  • The pair summon Caroline Hill and question her further. She finally breaks down and reveals: a long time ago, when they were both young, Caroline and Lionel Ogden were lovers. However, they had been encouraged to marry other persons, and due to the expectations of the time, they did so.
  • After Caroline moved and found Lionel, both of them without their spouses, they rekindled their old spark. That's how Caroline found out Lionel was dying. As a doctor, he knew the symptoms of the disease and wished to commit suicide, and she helped him.
  • When Julia aks her why he had called her then, Caroline reveals it was probably because he wanted her to help him his death.
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