Cameron Smith
Actor Robert Verlaque
Seen Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Job Ex-Warden

Cameron Smith was the warden at Kingston Penitentiary up until he retired, introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Robert Verlaque.

Appearances and Mentions

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

  • Cameron is brought in for questioning after George spoke to the current warden at Kingston Penitentiary, who had only been there a short time.
  • Cameron had released the Hobbins boys from prison after he spoke to Alvin Nash when they were both in the sanitarium together. When he learned of what the Hobbins' had done to Alvin's barn and his son, he gladly helped him get them out of the prison and into Alvin's carriage so he could take them back to his farm.
  • When Murdoch charges him, he doesn't care, for he's dying and won't live to see the courts.

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