Brigitte Klein
Til death brigitte klein
Actor Waneta Storms
Seen 'Til Death Do Us Part
Gender Female
Status Criminal, (deceased)
Relationships Thomas Merrick, lover
Wendell Merrick, fiancé
Job Con artist
Brigitte Klein is a con artist, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Waneta Storms

Appearances and Mentions

'Til Death Do Us Part

  • Brigitte Klein worked with Eunice McGinty as a ladies' companion in Niagara Falls for Mrs. Shryer. McGinty died, either as a suicide or murder, she was thrown from the top of the falls. Klein then assumed her identity and moved to Toronto. There, she had a relationship with Thomas Merrick. Merrick convinced Klein to marry his homosexual brother, Wendell Merrick, so that Wendell could inherit his half of the family business. Their plan was then to murder Wendell and become rich through ownership of the entire business.
  • The plot was uncovered by Detective Murdoch in Toyland

Murdoch in Toyland(mention)

  • On Blackboard, Crabtree writes out the criminals and their status; Brigitte Klein does not appear. However, she impersonated Eunice McGinty and on the list it is revealed that Eunice McGinty was hanged. The real Eunice McGinty was killed by Brigitte. In fact, Inspector Brackenreid called Brigitte "Eunice", as well.


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