Still waters boy 1.jpg
Actor Kyle Patrick Clarke
Seen Still Waters
Gender Male
Status Unnamed Characters

Boy is one of numerous nameless young boys, lads, and male urchins (who may or may not have a descriptor in the end-credits) introduced on Murdoch Mysteries.

Also, see Newsboys at The Gazette and Toronto Telegraph.

Appearances and Mentions

Still Waters

Evil Eye of Egypt

Murdoch Au Naturel

  • Boy portrayed by Drew Adkins
  • Boy portrayed by Nicholas Kaeg

21 Murdoch Street

The Accident

  • Urchin portrayed by Nicholas Fry
    • Crabtree calls the Urchin over and instructs him to "go to Bloom and Crabtree's, find Sam Bloom, tell him you need metal cutters. Tell him George sent you. Quick as a wink now!" The Urchin scurries past the accident scene and arguing culprits.

Murdoch and the Cursed Caves


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