Still waters boy 1
Actor Kyle Patrick Clarke
Seen Still Waters
Gender Male
Status Unnamed Characters

Boy is one of numerous nameless young boys, lads, and male urchins (who may or may not have a descriptor in the end-credits) introduced on Murdoch Mysteries.

Also, see Newsboys at The Gazette and Toronto Telegraph.

Appearances and Mentions

Still Waters

Evil Eye of Egypt

Murdoch Au Naturel

  • Boy portrayed by Drew Adkins
  • Boy portrayed by Nicholas Kaeg

21 Murdoch Street

The Accident

  • Urchin portrayed by Nicholas Fry
    • Crabtree calls the Urchin over and instructs him to "go to Bloom and Crabtree's, find Sam Bloom, tell him you need metal cutters. Tell him George sent you. Quick as a wink now!" The Urchin scurries past the accident scene and arguing culprits.

Murdoch and the Cursed Caves


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