The Bolograph
Inventor William Murdoch
The Bolograph is a William Murdoch invention first introduced in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Murdoch explains it to the Inspector, “It converts heat radiation into a graphic array. You can see people in the dark. Well, actually, sir, you can see the heat radiating off of their bodies.” It was first called the 'bolometer' for that reason by MM writers Paul Aitken and Graham Clegg (who incorporated Predator technology with Murdoch's earlier night vision invention). It is powered by two dry cell batteries and is only accurate for 100 yards.

Appearances and Mentions

21 Murdoch Street

  • The prototype of the Bolograph is introduced when Detective Watts takes it out of Murdoch's office to examine it, while Constable McNabb is working at his desk behind Watts'.

The Great White Moose

  • When Murdoch is looking for his Bolograph, he is told Constable McNabb had taken it to help him shoot raccoons.


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