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Bobby Brackenreid is the son of Thomas and Margaret Brackenreid and younger brother of John Brackenreid.

As the younger son of the Brackenreids, Bobby exists in the shadow of his older brother John. Unlike John, he has been a kidnap victim but the trauma he might have experienced has not been dwelled upon – nor acknowledged. He has been more his mother's son – growing up closer to her apron strings than to his father, even suffering disappoints from promises his father had made to him. Bobby has never been the center of his family's focus since that kidnapping.

Season 14 reintroduces Bobby Brackenreid (Christopher Jones), an older more complicated young man...

Appearances and Mentions

Season 1-6

The Glass Ceiling

  • A large trunk with unknown content is delivered to Inspector Brackenreid's house. Young Bobby (Daniel Fleming) can hardly wait to open it.

Rich Boy, Poor Boy

  • In a case of mistaken identity, Bobby (Gage Munroe) gets kidnapped while playing with his friend Robert, who comes from a wealthy family, with the likelihood that the name 'Bobby' is a nickname for Robert caused the mistaken identity. Bobby is kidnapped by Robert's biological mother and her brother, but is rescued by the police.

Murdoch Air

Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom

Season 7-13

Tour de Murdoch

  • Inspector Brackenreid takes his son Bobby (Jayden Greig) to watch a professional bicycle race.   They stand with Dr. Grace along the race course, and Bobby cheers loudly for Murdoch (who is racing as an amateur wheelman.)

Murdoch and the Temple of Death

  • Fishing for the first time with his father and older brother, Bobby Brackenreid gets his first big catch: a dead body.

The Devil Wears Whalebone

  • Bobby fights Simon over a penny found, but they make up for the scuffle in the end.

A Merry Murdoch Christmas

Home for the Holidays

The Great White Moose (Mention)

  • When Margaret was expecting Bobby, the sight of blood would send her into a fit.

Pirates of the Great Lakes (Mention)

Murdoch and the Cursed Caves (Mention)

  • Bobby was never allowed out on Halloween.

Season 14

Rough and Tumble

  • Bobby Brackenreid is on the run from the police after allegedly murdering another boy...

Everything is Broken Part 2 (mention)

  • Bobby Brackenreid is doing time in Don Jail.