Bertie Smothers
1303 Bertie Smothers (Joris Jarsky)
Actor Joris Jarsky
Seen Forever Young
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Job Lawyer
Bertie Smothers is the second husband of Doris Smothers introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Joris Jarsky.

Appearances and Mentions

Forever Young

  • Lawyer Bertie Smothers married Doris Smothers shortly after she hired him.
  • After accompanying his wife to the City Morgue, he supplied Murdoch with their alibi on the evening of May 28th; They were at the Crystal Ballroom from 7:00 until 10:00.
  • Bertie Smothers is demonstrating the device promising eternal life when Murdoch arrives with the police to shut down the machine, saving Hamish Slorach's life, and arresting Mr. and Mrs. Smothers. Smothers threatens the Detective, "The machine worked until you broke it. I hope you have very deep pockets."
  • In the Interview Room of the Station House, Murdoch accuses Smothers of tipping off the police because he wanted the body found; He was the one who called Louise Cherry to ensure she would look into the disappearance of Polly Townsend.
  • Bertie Smothers states that there is no evidence to back up the accusations. To his surprise, Murdoch introduces young Nancy Beard. Smothers recovers with "Well, It's her word against ours."
  • He is betrayed when Doris Smothers asks to make a statement – without her husband present.


  • Bertie Smothers is the rare criminal (fraud, desecration of a corpse, attempted manslaughter) that 'got away'.
  • This makes the third appearance of actor Joris Jarsky.


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