Bella Cooper
1309 Bella Cooper (Sofia Banzhaf).png
Actor Bella Cooper
Seen The Killing Dose
Gender Female
Status Criminal (arrested)
Relationships Jane Cooper, sister
Oliver Cooper, father

Bella Cooper is the sister of critically injured Jane Cooper introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Sofia Banzhaf.

Appearances and Mentions

The Killing Dose

  • Bella Cooper arrives at the Toronto Mercy Hospital with her father Oliver Cooper upon her sister Jane being brought there due her multiple injuries sustained in a fall from their home's balcony.
  • Later while at her sister's bedside, the Detective questions her. She confirms that her father and Jane had a set-to, but she was at her dressmaker, Juliette's. Her father can test anyone's patience, expecting Jane to take care of everything, then complaining about how she does it. Jane has him on a budget and he likely overspent again, but he would never hurt her.
  • Bella believes her sister had done this to herself, informing the Detective that Jane had been declining for months, complaining of all sorts of ailments – her melancholy lead to suicide. Then, she reminds Murdoch and Parker about the chimney cleaner who found Jane and had seen everything from the Neville's roof.
  • Bella Cooper is relieved and happy when Dr. Gettler arrives and introduces him to Det. Murdoch.
  • Believing Miss Cooper was being dosed with chloral hydrate, Murdoch and Parker return to search the Cooper home – to find a tincture box used for Rose's tonics.
  • After Jane's death, Silas Gettler informs Bella that he can no longer stay "after all this tragedy", upsetting Bella who pleads with him to stay or, if he must leave, take her with him – thus revealing her love for him and the motive for murder.
  • Believing that Silas is in love with her but too honourable to admit it, Bella had glued chloral grains to Jane's envelopes to slowly poison her own sister.


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