Becca-Nate Relationship
Mm1005 Rebecca and Nate 2.PNG
Characters Rebecca James and Nate Desmond
Level Married

The Becca-Nate Relationship is the romance between the Rebecca James and Nate Desmond. They meet at church in Season 9, showing immediate attraction to each other. By the end of Season 11, they are married.

Appearances and Mentions

Colour Blinded

  • Rebecca and Nate meet at church.

Jagged Little Pill

Hades Hath No Fury

Merlot Mysteries

Shadows Are Falling

  • Now married, Rebecca is not only Mrs. Nate Desmond, she is Dr. Desmond.
  • Nate would do anything and everything to protect Rebecca from harm, and she him, but they are in quite the predicament that only the Detective and the good Doctor can help them with...but their secret needs to be protected as well – so much is at risk – for them to tell the whole truth.



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