MM Bartender.png
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Bartender

Toronto is full of Bartenders!

Bartender is, more often than not, one of numerous unnamed characters in Murdoch Mysteries.

The Bartender may be a innocent bystander, a witness, or connected to the criminal class. On occasion, he may be suspect, a person of interest in the crime being investigated.

Appearances and Mentions

Manual for Murder

  • Bartender, portrayed by Mehron Halitsky

Pirates of the Great Lakes

Secrets and Lies

  • Raven Bartender, portrayed by Mark Owen
  • Tavern Bartender, portrayed by Brendan Shoreman

A Murdog Mystery

A Study in Pink

From Buffalo With Love

Marked Twain

All That Glitters

The Murdoch Trap

Winston's Lost Night

The Prince and the Rebel



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