Barry Biggs
Actor Jeff McEnery
Seen Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood
Gender Male
Status Criminal, (arrested)
Job Farmer

Barry Biggs was a farmer who worked for Alvin Nash as well as owning his own land near William Murdoch and Julia Ogden up until the events of Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood.

Appearances and Mentions

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

  • Barry is first introduced when he goes to meet Detective Murdoch on his land with Frank Walsh to greet them. Barry explains what happened to Frank's hand after he catches Murdoch looking at it, telling him how it got injured in a farming accident. When Murdoch visits Alvin Nash's farm, he notices that Barry and Frank both help Alvin out on the farm to keep it going. But when Alvin is arrested for the murder of the Hobbins boys, he explains that the Hobbins boys injured Barry's horse, and he had to shoot her. Soon after, Alvin is released from custody due to a false confession, and the real murderers are revealed when Barry shows up with Frank to support the Nash's, and everything is made clear to Murdoch; Barry, along with Dorothy Nash and Frank, killed the Hobbins boys for what they did to them. Barry is arrested with Dorothy and Frank at the end of the episode.
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