Barkeley Blake
Barkeley Blake.jpg
Actor Geordie Johnson
Seen Dinosaur Fever
Mentioned Murdoch in Toyland
Gender Male
Status Criminal, (arrested;hanged)

Barkeley Blake is a paleontologist introduced in Season 2, portrayed by Geordie Johnson.

Appearances and Mentions

Dinosaur Fever

  • Barkeley Blake thought he had discovered a large dinosaur bone in the badlands of Alberta Province
  • The bone is actually constructed of concrete and planted by another explorer. When one of Blake's employees points out the fraud, Blake kills him.
  • Blake had already sold the "bone" to a museum and had planned on having it "stolen" enroute to eastern Canada.
  • The false artifact fell into the possession of Mary Ann McConnell, an another employee of Blake's, whose career he had hampered. McConnell blackmails Blake.


  • The name of this character may be a nod to historic palaeontologist Barnum Brown, who was active in the Alberta badlands circa 1910.


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