1211 Annabella Cinderella Annabella and George
Actor Rachel Van Duze
Seen Annabella Cinderella
Gender Female
Status Criminal (exonerated)
Annabella Maloney is a convicted murderer introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Rachel Van Duze.

Appearances and Mentions

Annabella Cinderella

  • Annabella Maloney is a home-child. Her home-sister Rosemary Rawlins discovered Annabella holding an axe over her mother's body at the scene of the crime. During the trial, it was revealed that murder victim Harriet Rawlins abused her daughter and all the home-children assigned to her care.
  • "Annabella Cinderella" is the name given to her defence strategy devised by her lawyer Nesbit Daniels: make the victim the villain and the villain the victim.
  • Escaping the noose but facing a life in prison, Annabella escapes the courthouse but is captured by Constables Brackenreid and Crabtree.
  • When Annabella escapes custody once again while being transported, doubt about her guilt starts to emerge as it seems she may have been trying to prove her innocence.
  • Upon finding out that it was really Nesbit Daniels who killed Harriet Rawlins, as he was also a home-child to the abusive woman, Annabella promptly kicks the lawyer in the groin, causing Watts, John, and Crabtree to all wince.
  • Annabella appears to take a liking to Constable Brackenreid, and the feeling may be mutual among the two. Annabella recalls how she saw John in the courtroom. "I smiled at you. I don't kow if you remember." But John remembers.



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