Ann Ryand
1201 Ann Ryand (Sophie McShera)1
Actor Sophie McShera
Seen Murdoch Mystery Mansion
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Frank Lloyd Wright, employer
Mr. Spoud, former employer
Job Architect's assistant
Ann Ryand is a skilled draftsman and assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Sophie McShera.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Mystery Mansion

  • Ann Ryand is a viable suspect in the murder of Mr. Spoud. When arriving from England some stime ago, she was employed at Stoud's architectural firm.
  • After Detective Watts questioned the people at Spoud's firm, he reports that she had launched numerous complaints against Spoud. When she declined his insistent attempts to woo her, he fired her ending her career until Mr. Wright hired Miss Ryand.
  • Ann Ryand has been in the employ of Mr. Wright for nearly a year and there are rumours she and the unconventional architect are having an affair which appears to be the norm for Mr. Wright.


  • Wright had a real female assistant — American Marion Mahony Griffin, who was the second woman to graduate from MIT with an architecture degree — but Sophia McShera said, as far as she knows, her character wasn’t based on a real person.
  • "It kind of appeared out of the blue, it was a lovely surprise offer!" During an interview, Sophia McShera admitted that she didn't know much about Murdoch Mysteries, but asked around and discovered "lots of people who watch and love it". 
  • McShera was in Toronto in May 2018 for the shoot; it was her first time in Toronto. As it happened, Lesley Nicol (who played Daisy’s supervisor, Mrs. Patmore, on Downton Abbey) was in town (filming a different show) and they were staying in the same apartment block by coincidence.


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