Amy MacFarlane
Actor Miranda Millar
Seen Murdoch Ahoy
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationships Elizabeth MacFarlane, mother
Clarence MacFarlane, father (deceased), Owen Mathers, fiance (ended)
Johnny, lover

Amy MacFarlane is the daughter of Elizabeth and Clarence MacFarlane introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Miranda Millar.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Ahoy

  • Murdoch runs into Amy on the S.S Keewatin, who is looking rather upset, and offers her his handkerchief. Later, a man overboard alarm is sounded, and Amy is believed to have fallen into the water below.
  • Amy's hat is retrieved from the water, and Murdoch deduces that she may still be alive and on the boat due to the hatpin suffering no force as one would expect from it hitting the water. Amy's father is convinced she has been kidnapped and demands a search of the entire ship.
  • Murdoch and Brackenreid soon spot and apprehend Johnny, the man who had sounded the man overboard alarm. Johnny tells them the whole truth: he was the man seeing Amy. Unhappy with her engagement, she'd planned to fake her own death and hide in a trunk until they reached their destination, then run away with Johnny. Unfortunately, she saw the saboteurs in action, so Amy was tied up and left to die in the cargo hold.
  • As the ship floods with water, she is narrowly saved by the detectives, and subsequently flees in a lifeboat with her mother and lover, though her father refuses to join them.
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