Alvin Nash
Actor Laurie Murdoch
Seen Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relationships Mavis Nash (Wife)

Dorothy Nash (Daughter) Unnamed Son (Deceased)

Job Farmer

Alvin Nash is a farmer who lives just north of the main city of Toronto and is a neighbour of William Murdoch and Julia Ogden introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Laurie Murdoch.

Appearances and Mentions

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

  • Detective Murdoch meets Alvin at his home whilst trying to uncover why there are dead corpses buried on his land. He asks him what he knows about Mr Dawson, the previous owner of the land. Alvin informs him that Dawson usually kept to himself, but there was something funny about him. He only came to his land at night and Alvin saw Dawson carrying something heavy off a wagon two years before Murdoch came around, just after Alvin was released from the sanitarium. But Murdoch discovers that the Hobbins' burned down Alvin's barn over a land dispute and that his son was killed in the fire, and that the former warden and Alvin knew each other from being in the sanitarium together. The warden explained that he released the Hobbins' to Alvin, and that's the last he saw of them. Murdoch arrests Alvin and interviews him, but when he falsely admits he killed them, Murdoch suspects otherwise because Alvin is hardly a man that's able to kill three men. Julia and Rebecca reveal their timeline to Murdoch once he's returned to the tent used to store the bodies in, and Murdoch learns that they were killed 2 years and three months ago, which gives Alvin an alibi because he was in the sanitarium when they died. Releasing Alvin, Murdoch uncovers the real killers of the Hobbins boys.

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