Alphonse Maloney
1215 Alphonse Maloney (Justin Michael Carriere)
Actor Justin Michael Carriere
Seen One Minute to Murder
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Mech and musician

Alphonse Maloney is a suspect introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Justin Michael Carriere.

Appearances and Mentions

One Minute to Murder

  • Alphonse Maloney worked with Alexander Langston during the design of the electric typewriter, until they had a falling out.
  • Murdoch question Alphonse Maloney who tells him, "I've made no bones about my disagreement with Alexander Langston. He gave me the shoe for no good reason."
  • Asked if he was trying to get retribution by tampering with the new typewriter, Alphonse Maloney's only confession is, "If I was going to hurt Mr. Langston, I would hurt him, not some innocent bystander. Besides, I've given up my resentment a long time ago."
  • Alphonse Maloney reminds the Detective that progress isn't always for the best. His wishes Mr. Langston no ill will, but he does not wish him success either. Pointing out that to electrify a typewriter changes it forever, he asks Murdoch if he can imagine the same being done to his guitar – "It would be heresy."


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