Alison Reid has work on Murdoch Mysteries as the Stunt Coordinator (2015-2016). She makes her directing debut on the series in Season 11.

Reid has worked on Degrassi: Next Class, Killjoys, and Saving Hope (2012-2017), Suits (2011-2015)  as the Stunt Coordinator to name just a handful of TV series and films from her long list of credits.

Alison Reid recently directed episodes for Saving Hope: Fix You  and Heartland: Dreamer (2017).


Drowning in Money(2018)
The Spy Who Loved Murdoch(2018)
The Accident(2017)
Dr. Osler Regrets(2017)
The Canadian Patient (2017)

Stunt Coordinator

Excitable Chap (2016)
Concocting A Killer (2016)
A Study in Pink (2016)
Great Balls of Fire, Part 2 (2016)
Great Balls of Fire, Part 1 (2016)
Cometh the Archer (2016)
From Buffalo With Love (2016)
Bloody Hell (2016)
House of Industry 2016)
Wild Child (2016)
Colour Blinded (2016)
Unlucky In Love 2016)
A Case of The Yips 2016)
The Big Chill (2016)
Raised On Robbery (2016)
A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)
Pipe Dreamzzz (2015)
Summer of '75 (2015)
The Local Option (2015)
24 Hours Til Doomsday (2015)
Barenaked Ladies (2015)
Double Life (2015)
Marked Twain(2015)
Nolo Contendere (2015)

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