Alexander Langston
1215 Alexander Langston (Oliver Dennis)
Actor Oliver Dennis
Seen One Minute to Murder
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Inventor
Alexander Langston is the inventor of the Langston Electric featured at The Electric Power Typewriter Company of Canada Demonstration sponsored by the Toronto Telegraph introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Oliver Dennis.

Appearances and Mentions

One Minute to Murder

  • Alexander Langston, claiming to be the sole inventor of his machine, assures Detective Murdoch that the machine had been tested numerous times and that he alone has access to the plans and schematics of the machine.
  • When pressed about his faulty machine, Langston remembers that there is one person who could have tampered with his invention, Alphonse Maloney; He had worked with the inventor during the design of the machine.



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