Aldous Germaine is a bigwig in the world of antiquities, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jeremy Legat.

Appearances and Mentions

Pirates of the Great Lakes

  • Aldous Germaine does not associate with perpetrators of violence for he is a pacifist of the highest order.
  • Aldous Germaine admits that he can not account for every trade, but if a treasure trove of "...that size had occurred, I would likely know about it, yes".  He suggests, without a specific buyer, the Sunday auction would be the most likely place to sell the stolen antiquities.
  • Every third Sunday of the month, a private auction is held in a different location but it is by invitation only and Aldous Germaine offers the young man who "'has the eyes of a doe" (Crabtree) to attend as his guest, pointing out to the both detectives, "you have the hardened look of policemen who've been lied to their entire lives".
  • Upon Murdoch agreeing to George going undercover as Germaine's companion, Aldous transforms George into the well-heeled Boston Rhodes from New York City.



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