Agent Tanner
1014 Agent Tanner.PNG
Actor Ari Millen
Seen From Murdoch to Eternity
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Canadian Intelligence Agent

Agent Tanner, a member of Canadian intelligence, is introduced in Season Ten. He arrives at the Station House with some questions—via Prime Minister Laurier—about the Detective Murdoch's tonic, pendrimine.

Appearances and Mentions

From Murdoch to Eternity

  • Upon his first meeting with Murdoch, he informs the Detective that Capitalism has its limits, even the wealthiest company in the world could not pay the bidding price of a hundred million dollars and imagine if the Americans were to live forever. Their eternal strength would render Canada helpless, thus casting the nation into grave peril. Yet, Canada's offer is zero. Tanner simply hopes that the Detective will do the right thing, adding, "It would be a shame if you were to be convicted of... treason."

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