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Forever Young
Prodigal Father
The Killing Dose
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The Future is Unwritten

A Man Alone is a novel by George Crabtree introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries.

A Man Alone (1907) is Crabtree's second published novel, the first is The Curse of the Pharaohs (1899), a self-published book. The journey from manuscript to a traditional published literary work is not a smooth course.

When attention is brought to it and the Globe book reviewer writes, "The deeply moving and skillfully wrought story of a man in search of love in the modern world," it becomes a smash hit and sell-out with some unforeseen consequences. 

Appearances and Mentions


  • George has finished his new book, exclaiming "that's it!" Effie, who has stayed overnight with him, tells him it's not truly finished until she reads it. Later on, the two meet at Scott's Diner, where George asks how she liked the ending. "The ending was marvellous," she tells him. "Moving, touching [...] I told my publisher friend that you would be along shortly." This news surprises George, who isn't quite sure he wants it published so soon.
  • George brings his manuscript to the Detective, saying that he would love to know how he regards it. Later, Murdoch tells him, "I'm not sure I'm best qualified to judge a book of fiction," to which George takes as a sign that he didn't like it. Henry offers to read it, but George doesn't know if that will tell him anything.
  • Later at Scott's Diner, George fantasizes everyone reading and enjoying his book. This seems to be the push he needs.

Forever Young

  • Robert Parker delivers George a letter from the publishing company he sent his manuscript to, but George is hesitant to open it. "As long as it remains unopened I remain...unrejected." Parker takes it from his hand and opens it himself. While the letter starts off promising and hopeful, George's manuscript has indeed been rejected. 
  • Later, Parker and George continue their discussion of George's book. George mentions that Effie had convinced him to centre the story around a missing aunt of his, rather than an outlandish plot about Venusians.
  • With the case solved, Parker and George sit at their desks, facing each other in the Station House bullpen. George wonders if he should publish his original, but if he were to get it published, he could never publish the one Effie talked him into changing. "So, write two books," Parker persuades him. George considers this a good idea, and inspiration hits him instantly: "Set in Toronto, I think. In the aftermath of a meteor shower – or what they think is just a meteor shower". (ep.1207)

Prodigal Father

  • While discussing George Crabtree senior's envision of a "City of Tomorrow", Effie Newsome lets slip that George is an author as well as a constable. Crabtree Snr. is delighted at this revelation and asks to read the book at once. George is hesitant to explain it. "Supernatural, then?" Crabtree Snr. guesses. He is not far off; the original was about Venusians, "from Venus!" both Crabtrees exclaim at the same time. 
  • "I've found a solution to your problem," Crabtree Snr. says some time later. George is confused - "what problem?" As it turns out, Snr. is in the process of purchasing a  publishing house so that A Man Alone will get the opportunity to be printed. George is amazed at this, but Effie seems rather worried. She believes George's book will not sell rapidly all at once and is concerned about the fact that George's father used the invested money from the waterfront project.
  • When it's revealed it's not the first time Crabtree Snr. has done this, George confronts him. In the end, Effie uses some lawyer techniques, claiming Crabtree Snr. was not of right mind, to get him out of the mess with the publishing house. It looks like George's book will not be published quite yet. 

The Killing Dose

  • George Crabtree's receives an offer from the Watson-Cook Publishing House, an "awfully prestigious" publisher, in George's words. He's concerned that his book isn't ready but Effie talks him into it.
  • Effie comes by later with information that the cover is finished and A Man Alone will be in bookstores "before we know it"; George comments that it's all happening so fast.
  • As Effie and George exit a bookstore, they catch sight of a man sitting on a nearby bench reading George's book. George asks the man how he's liking it so far, to which the man replies, "so far? Absolute rot." George strolls back to Effie and says, "he's just starting it."

Kill Thy Neighbour

  • Unfortunately, as the publishing house is a small one, they cannot keep publishing George's book as the selling rate has been diminishing significantly. George insists they give it more time but there's nothing that can be done.
  • Later, Effie comes to the Station House with news on a new article published by Louise Cherry. As Mr. Huckabee's boss could give the exact time Raymond Huckabee left work because he was reading George's book at the time, Louise describes it as "un-putdownable". The article appears to be the kick A Man Alone needed - copies have been selling rapidly since. Crabtree's publisher wants him to go on a book tour across the country, Halifax to Vancouver.

Things Left Behind

  • George returns from the book tour.

The Future is Unwritten


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